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Best Loft Conversions Loft Extension London Post

Best Loft Conversions Loft Extension London

Not all lofts are suitable for a loft conversion. Before going too far into planning your yourloft conversion project, we suggest you carry out a brief survey that checks the following.
Roof structure — Is it traditional cut rafter and purlin roof or a trussed roof? (See diagram on the left and read about roof structures below).

Height — Is there enough height within your loft? Note the minimum height for a traditional roof is 2.2 to 2.4 meters and the minimum height for a modern trussed roof is 2.4 to 2.6 meters.

Space — Is the loft space large enough to provide a usable room?

Chimneys or services — These don’t pass through the loft space and will not need moving

Felt — Your roof has felt under the tiles or is fully weather tight. Note that if you don’t have felt you will see the back of the roof tiles and the battens they are fixed to. If you have felt you will most likely see a black bituminous paper under the tiles and battens. Most modern houses will have felt.


Best Loft Conversions Loft Extension London
Best Loft Conversions Loft Extension London

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